About Us

About Us

Ready to eat Products also known as convenience food. Ready to eat products have several food benefits like as time saving, easy to use,light weight, easy to handle and retention of nutrition values…etc. we process food in a way,which gives ready to eat dish to serve quickly on table.

Using the most advanced food preparation method, Food Penguin home style cooked ready to eat meal bring you to 21st century of food resolution. Using all natural ingredients, Food Penguin meals are more nutritious and more delicious than other traditional frozen or instant ready to eat meal providing a healthier, better tasting quick meal option for you and your family. Optimal convenience and storage.

Ready to eat / it’s a food revolution

Freeze drying is a process of dehydrating frozen foods under a vacuum chamber so the moisture content changes directly from the solid ice particle to a vapour form without converting to liquid (Water) state. In this process product maintains its original size and shape as the original material, will maintain nutrients colour flavor and texture when it placed in water.

Benefit of Products:

  • Retains original colour taste nutrients.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Highest quality in dry product compared to other drying method.