It’s Food Revolution

Why are Ready to Eat food better? One can answer this question in a comprehensive statement,“ Because they are healthier.” Preparing simple food is an indispensable part of the Indian summers and nothing comes close to the joy of relishing light yet delicious traditional comfort food. Using the most advanced food preparation methodologies, Food Penguin home cooked entrees bring your favorite food into the 21st century. Using all natural ingredients, Food Penguin foods are more nutritious and more delicious than traditional frozen or instant entrees, giving a healthier, better tasting fast food options for you and your family. Rajwadi khichdi is a perfect one dish meal.  The Rajwadi  khichdi  recipe is very particular like any other recipe coming from its respective region. You have to taste it, It is not very hot, but it sure is spicy.

Rajwadi khichdi is prepared with long grain Basmati Rice and Vegetables cooked with aromatic herbs and spices. It is commonly considered to be a comfort food. It is good for upset stomach because it is light and has capacity to give great level of nourishment. Rice and vegetables cook together with peppercorn and flavored with ghee, this is one of the simplest recipes of khichdi. Great not just for sick people but also when We want to eat light food after a overwhelming lunch. After enjoying the wonderful and festive holiday season, the tasteful and the mouthwatering food, sweets, Rajwadi khichdi is most preferred.

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